Vietnam homestay tours

Vietnam homestay tours


Homestay in Vietnam is a popular form of accommodation in some places in northern in Vietnam with ethnic residents. You will have a chance to live with the locals in their house and you are seems as a member in their family. This is characteristic of tourism form “Vietnam homestay tours”. In recent years, “homestay” begin to be noticed in Vietnam tours. Vietnam is known as a country with a rich history and cultural traditions. So homestay is available in almost tourist attractions in Vietnam.

You can find homestay in the North/ Center and South Vietnam. And the most popular of homestay of Vietnam tours is located in the northern Vietnam: Sapa homestay tours, Lao Cai homestay tours, Mai Chau homestay tours, Ba Be homestay tours, HaGiang homestay tours. However, you can also try a homestay in a city, for example in Hanoi.

Homestay with ethnic minority people in northern Vietnam
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Homestay tours

+ Homestay with ethnic minority people in northern Vietnam

A lot of people from the ethnic minorities in a villages in northern Vietnam provides homestay in tourist but also in non-tourist areas. These people are usually not certified guides or employees of travel agencies. It is important that they know very well the place where they live and show you the right places and village life. Some of them have the basic knowledge of English, others speak English very well. They learn the English from the tourists who visit them. Communication is usually not a problem. If there is a communication problem, use your hands, or feet, you can also use Google translator.

Homestay from a impress travel from northern Vietnam

+ Homestay from a impress travel from northern Vietnam
Impress Travel also offer homestay. These offers differs from the real type homestay, which offer local ethnic residents. A lot of foreign tourists use this type mainly due to good facilities and services. The working people can be from the some ethnic minority, but they have abandoned their traditions and customs and are employed by the Vietnamese agency.
This offer is often associated with the offer on trekking, after the trek they will take you to the imitation of true type homestay. But this house is very different from the true type of house of local residents.