Top nice homestays in Sapa (Part 2)


5. Sali House

Sali House is just 20 minutes by car, located at the end of Ta Van village, Sali House owns the name which is easy to remember. At any location of homestay, you can also see the view of green nature. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience for any guest staying here.

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Staying at Sali House, you will enjoy the freshest nature. You can explore the ancient rocks with age of over 2,500 years by the French-born Russian Indochinese Victor Goloubev discovered in 1923. It takes 10 minutes to walk from Sali House to a clear stream. Not at all, try to conquer the nearby hills to go to Giang Ta Chai village and Mui bridge, you can learn more about the life of indigenous people. In adition, you can enjoy Sapa’s special foods: chicken hot pot, sticky rice … After a day of hard work, you perhaps want to use foot massage service.

Many people who come to Sali House simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so it’s not surprising if they stay here all week without being bored. For them, they need a cool, comfortable and quiet place to read. Every day, they could buy food in market to cook by themselves and enjoy the cool air of Sapa. All of these things may be enough for a trip.

Eco Palms House via

6. Eco Palms House

Eco Palms House is located in Lao Chai village with views of Hoang Lien Son and beautiful Muong Hoa valley. Eco Palms House consists of 5 bungalows, each bungalow is designed as typical of ethnic minorities living in Sapa including Mong, Dao Do, Tay, Giay and Xa Pho.

The bungalows are designed with materials that are friendly like: wood, bamboo, roofs … cool in summer and warm in winter.

7. Nam Cang Riverside Lodge

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge is located in the village of Nam Cang, inhabited by the Red Dzao people. Just cross a small bridge on the river, you could come to this beautiful homestay. Nam Cang Riverside Lodge is comprised of 7 twin / double rooms and 2 family rooms with all the comforts of a luxury hotel.

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge is a beautiful view of the river. There is nothing better than sitting next to the river, listening to the murmuring water, sipping a hot tea or a cup of coffee and admiring the majestic mountains of Sapa.

In addition, when you take a break, you are just a few steps away from the village where you can explore many interesting activities of indigenous people.

VietTrekking Homestay via we25

8. VietTrekking Homestay

Located at the end of Hoang Lien Road, VietTrekking Homestay is the address that will bring you the feeling of waking up every morning in sunshine, not in Sapa anymore!

The special point here is the view of the beautiful “sea” made by ​​clouds. The little house on the sea of ​​clouds is a good place to look at the sunshine. Look on the left, you will see sunrise floating on the breeze. If you look on the right, you’ll see the Fansipan peak and miraculous Hoang Lien Son sierra.

VietTrekking Homestay has a total of 6 rooms including 4 single rooms, 1 double room and 1 dorm room.

To go to VietTrekking Homestay from Food Street, you go straight to the Fansipan – May bridge crossroad, then turn right. If you turn left, you will go down to the old traditional market. Just go straight to Cat Cat or to the fourth road into the hotel. Then go straight to the end of the road to see the house with a white fence.

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