Kimbap in Korea

Kimbap in Korea

What is kimbap?  Kimbap is rice, some vegetables and meat wrapped in seaweed. Kim means seaweed and bap means rice.

How to make it

It is really easy to make like pho in Vietnam.  If you put more than three ingredients in the kimbap, it can get chunky.  When it gets chunky some of the contents can spill out.  My three favorites are: crab meat, some spinich, and eggs.  You can get some packaged crab meat at a Korean grocery store near you, and as for the spinich, you can get it fresh or canned.

delicious kimbap

If you buy the canned spinich, make sure you squeeze out the juice.  As for the eggs, cook them until the yolk is dry.  Then cut them into horizontal strips.  Place all the ingredients on top of the rice and roll everything with a bamboo roll


Here are some other alternatives: use beef or ham instead of crab meat.  As for vegetables, you can use cucumbers and carrots.  In Korea, it is used as picnic food.  It’s also a popular form of Korean fast food, because they’re great to eat when you’re in a hurry.

how to make it

Unlike fast food though, it  is healthier.  In some Korean shops, you can get two rolls for $3, which isn’t too bad, considering the variety of ingredients that go in it.  Ok everyone, that’s it for today and here’s a youtube clip on making it.